Uses 🧰

These are the various tools I use that add notable value to me and make me more productive.

Editor & Terminal



  • Professionally, I’m mostly using TypeScript for NodeJS and React development.
  • I’ve been having a lot of fun with Go lately for some of my personal projects. It’s taught me a lot about how to write better code in other languages, too.
  • Looking to learn some functional programming languages next when I get some time (algebraic data types look amazing). I’m thinking OCaml or F#.


  • My note-taking process has been in dire need of a revamp for a while now. I mostly use Notion to store a table of references whenever I find something useful, but I don’t have a good system for reviewing/organising them. I’m currently experimenting with the GTD system using Apple’s Reminders app to see if it can help me with this.