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Hey, I'm Harry, a product-focused software engineer at Pledge. I'm interested in open source, keeping software simple, and building products that make a difference.

In my spare time, I enjoy building my side projects and experimenting with technologies. I'm currently working on Prospect, a high-level finance tracker.

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A little bit about me

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Where I'm from

I was born and raised in the UK. I grew up in Kent and moved to London shortly after graduating from university.

What I used to do

I studied engineering at the University of Greenwich and graduated with a first-class honours degree. After that, I went on to work for a small startup called Firemind as a full-stack developer, where I worked on a variety of projects.

What I do now

I'm working at Pledge as a software engineer, where we're building a platform to help businesses take climate action.

I also take a great interest in learning as much as I can about software engineering, entrepreneurship, and productivity. I aggressively pursue my educational goals, and I strive to invest in myself whenever possible.